Young learners pretesting exams


Our CM1 and 6ème students have just taken the pretesting session held every year. Throughout the course CM1 prepare to take the YLE Starters at the end of the course, which is pre-A1 level, and in 6ème, they prepare to take YLE Movers, which is A1 level. Doing that, students are getting used to deal with identical exam conditions and get familiar with learning how to cope with basic skill techniques.
As English shares place with the curriculum with three other languages, the initial pace of progress may not be as in other schools, but the system provides them with the necessary tools to achieve their aims by the end of secondary, where they can reach B2 or C1 level.
Our main aim is that all our students reach their excellence in English throughout their academic courses.

6ème, CM1, Primaire, Secondaire