Visit to the British Fair

Last Friday a group of 2nde and Bachibac students had the opportunity to visit the Annual British Education Fair in Barcelona, which gives students direct access to many UK universities as well as all the information they need to succeed with their application. They also provide contacts with English Language Schools and agencies that can help out with important paperwork and essential practical issues like accommodation and settling in. Several conferences were held to inform about all the requirements needed, such as the level of English required or how to write a good personal statement.

The UK is home to 4 of the top ranked world-wide Universities and a recent report outlines that over 10% of world leaders received a British Education. It is no wonder then that the UK attracts over 500,000 international students each year and over 9,000 from Spain. Students value the top-quality teaching, innovative methodology, a truly international experience and of course, the opportunity to perfect their English. Studying at a UK university might be easier than you think.
Entry requirements vary from course to course and from university to university.

Access to your chosen degree programme may be possible with an average of 6.5 in Bachibac and IELTS.
UK Government loans can help with funding undergraduate studies and students from Spain may be eligible to apply for a range of scholarships offered at their chosen university.
Studying in the UK will provide students with the opportunity to become more independent, to explore their own creativity and become truly international.

So, why don’t give it a try?

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