Talent Show Award 2016

A group of students from 4ème, 3ème and Bachibac has taken part in the BISA talent show (Barcelona International School Association) for the second time. The event took place on Thursday 21st April from 18 to 20 p.m at the Deutsche Schule Barcelona (

LFG Bon Soleil has participated with several performances related to music, dance and martial arts. The students involved are: Marina Fabré, Yuan Sanchez-Vegazo and David Baños (4ème), Roger Benítez (3ème) and from 1º Bachibac Ana Felez. We have to thank our ambassadors Eva Sanchez –Vegazo and Pablo Bravo from 1º Bachibac who made the necessary arrangements to make the project succeed. Congratulations for all of them!

Our artists have been working really hard to make their dreams come true, become stars for a night!

Aurora Tejerina
Natalie Chidgey
Eva Grau