Sports Advocacy

Students in their first year of the IB course in English question the nature of the self, their first chapters take them on a journey of self-discovery while exploring the rich themes of “Identities” and “Experiences” where they take a closer look at what stories, events or experiences shape them.

In this last unit 1ºIB students explore the world of sport, and how does sport help shape identity? Why do people take unnecessary risks in extreme sports? What are the world’s most dangerous sports? Why are these popular? Students learn to understand better the risks and or benefits of extreme sports while advocating on their behalf.

Students inquired about sports such as kitesurfing, parkour, skateboarding, rafting, powerbocking, mountaineering, rallying or skydiving. 

Should these sports be part of the Olympic Games?

The final task involved writing a speech addressed to the International Olympic Committee in which they had to recommend that a particular extreme sport became an official Olympic sport. 

Here are a few photos and samples of their fantastic work!