Shakespeare Online 2nde

“What’s done is done”

Over the last month our 2nde students have been doing a project in English class on Shakespeare’s poetry and, one of his most famous works, the tragedy Macbeth.

The original idea was to teach this project in face to face classes, however with the advent of the Covid-19 lockdown, the project needed to be adapted to an online format. Fortunately, Bon Soleil already had the tools in place for the online format to succeed through using Google Classroom assignments, Google Form evaluation, Google Meet video conference classes and recordings, as well as a positive attitude from our students. 

The project began by watching the Macbeth movie over the Easter holidays which features Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Then, in class, we analysed the language of Shakespeare and discussed the themes of leadership, power and corruption, ambition and destiny, good and evil. It also included analysis of phrases which Shakespeare invented and are still in use today, and the most famous Shakespearean poem, Sonnet XVIII.

Once student’s began to understand the language, the witch’s magic started to have an effect, with the students being bewitched by the magical qualities of Shakespeare. Using some skills picked up in the Bon Parleurs project from earlier in the year, students produced online videos of themselves performing. Some students did scenes from the play using their imagination and technical skills to produce truly excellent performances. Others produced videos of themselves reciting the sonnets of Shakespeare and others recited common Shakespearean expressions. Everyone used their acting skills to great effect, including tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, intonation and pace.

Apart from the teachers being extremely proud of the efforts and the positivity of the students throughout the project, the students themselves really enjoyed the experience and, when asked, they professed to have learnt many interesting things.

”Did you enjoy the project?”

“I enjoyed the Macbeth project. Since I was young I’ve heard about this famous play but I never had the opportunity to know what it was about, so I was glad that I finally did. Plus our English teachers did a great job preparing fun activities for us to do and enjoy.” Agnés 2nde A

“I really enjoyed the Macbeth Project. It was pretty eye-opening, since, while I’m certain that pretty much everyone has heard of Shakespeare, I, for one, didn’t really know a lot about his work. It allowed me to see what Macbeth had to offer, and I enjoyed all the debates we had. It has been a really interesting project, and I’m glad that I got to partake in it.” Guim 2nde B

“I really enjoyed the Macbeth project because, in the first place we talked about Shakespeare, we got to change from what we normally do. And the play itself I found was really catchy. On top of all the activities you gave us to do, which were also really nice because we got to think, give our own opinion etc.“ Athina 2nde C

“The project was great because first of all I learned about a new play and also I really enjoyed reading the sonnet.” Corentin 2nde A

“I think it has been a good project, because we have learnt a lot about universal and British literature, studying one of the most important authors in history, and we have also improved our English level and learned new words, structures and expressions from old English. And, the most important, it has been done in a very good way that makes the project interesting for students.” Enzo 2nde B

“I enjoyed the Macbeth project. It was definitely different from anything we had done in class before, and it helped me open up to reading another type of English.” Venus 2nde C

“I’ve really enjoyed the Macbeth project, even if at the beginning I wasn’t very excited about it. With this project I’ve learned a lot of things that I could use in the future. In addition, the theme is still relevant nowadays and it makes you reflect “ Alessia 2nde B

“I enjoyed the Macbeth project because I really liked the film and recreating a scene was really fun.” Natalia 2nde C

“Yes I enjoyed the Macbeth project because it is something different and during this period of quarantine it’s really good to be able to enjoy the online classes.“  Marla 2nde B

“I enjoyed the Macbeth project because it’s a movie that makes us think about some important topics. We also worked on our pronunciation with Shakespeare’s sonnet 18.“  Pablo 2nde A

“I have to say that at first it was boring, because I did not understand everything but then I understood everything. And I have to say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.” Leonie-Rose 2nde A

“I liked it because the play talks about a topic that was presented ages ago and still a main topic nowadays and it was a different way of learning, it was cool” –  Berta 2nde C

“Although “Macbeth” is a bit different in style from what I usually like, I think that Macbeth’s project has been very interesting and enriching. William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet, and actor who dealt with universal themes that are extremely important. That’s how we have broadened our background knowledge a lot.” Gabriela 2nde B

“I really enjoyed the project on Macbeth because I liked thinking about how power, ambition and guilt can affect people, it was an interesting theme. I also learnt a lot of vocabulary and I had so much fun doing the acting.” Marta 2nde A

“I enjoyed the Macbeth project because it was the first time that I studied Shakespeare and it was really interesting.” Linda 2nde A

“I enjoyed it a lot but I think the film should be watched in class because it was very difficult for me to understand. But I loved it because it made me think and the debates were very good.” Victor S 2nde C

“Even though I didn’t like the film, I think it’s a very good idea that helped us to enlarge our general culture and the activities were very good” Elena 2nde A

“I liked it because now I’m able to understand Shakespeare’s importance and why writers look up to him” Adam 2nde A

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