A Secret Passion in 6ème… Mythological Creatures and Gods

Working on Myths and Citizenship in Ancient Greece with 6ème students, a mysterious mixture of spiritual and religious feelings suddenly emerged after studying the Odyssey by Homer. Something had to be done. Not to miss such an opportunity, a project-based learning challenge was launched. Thus, pupils would gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to authentic and engaging goals. However, this was not to be the last challenge. The students had to work in groups and cross-curricular. Therefore, the occasion did not only require History and English but also the Arts. The project consisted of two parts: oral presentations in English and an artistic collage. All of the 6ème students would like to share their experiences with the school community. Enjoy their fantastic creations!

“Hello, I am Eva, I am 11 years old and I am in 6ème D. It was not my first project in English, but it was really fun. I did a poster of Poseidon with my friends! We wrote some texts and put a lot of pictures. I want to do it again.” Eva Sanz (6ème D)

“It has been a wonderful adventure about the King of the Gods, Zeus. A different project for us, because we normally use PowerPoint, however, we have learnt a lot with Mr. Solà.” Noa Rubio (6ème A)

“My experience: it was the first time I spoke English, so I was very nervous, but while I was presenting my nerves went off.” Anonymous

“Thanks to this exposition I have lost my fears to present in front of the classroom and I have also learnt to work as a team. I really loved to carry out this presentation in a group, as well as studying the gods.” Sebastian Nadeau (6ème B)

“It has been a great experience and my first presentation in English. I has been really interesting.” Sofia Calvo (6ème B)

“We have all done an oral presentation about Ancient Greece to learn about the power of the Gods, the symbols, mythological creatures… Our teacher, Mr. Solà, divided us in groups of 3 and 4. We elected captains, and they chose a letter containing a mythological god or creature. Once we knew the character, we had to look for the information and pictures for the presentation. On Monday, most of us took advantage of the break-time in order to paste all the pictures and organize ourselves. The day of the presentation we were a bit nervous, but it was really exciting and the posters were amazing.” Aimar Medina (6ème D)

“We have done presentations about the gods of the Greek mythology. This activity has been really interesting for us because we have learnt a lot of things about the ancient Greek culture.” Iker Garmendia (6ème B)

“Hello, my name is Zoé and will be telling you about my project on Poseidon. First, my classmates and I had to look for information. Later, we tried to memorize it, we got together to make sure that we didn’t have the same facts. I made the poster with pictures and glitter. it was really fun because later on I got to use Play-Doh to make Poseidon’s head and trident. When it was finally time to do the presentation, it went great. We all said everything about Poseidon and everyone loved our work!” Zoé Dunand (6ème C)

“It has been a fantastic experience to work with the classmates of my group. However, I did not like that we did not get the project properly organized, but in the end we managed.” Alicia Deslex (6ème A)

“Carrying out this project was a good way of meeting the classmates of your group after school. However, there is always somebody who wants to do it all. Then, you can’t participate as much as you would like to.” Cloé Ghesquiere (6ème A)
“It has been a very nice experience in general, and we have all worked very well. You can’t imagine how much I have learnt. It has been so funny, so exciting… We all had fun thanks to Mr. Solà.” Eduard Mut (6ème B)

“I really liked the experience!” Serguéi Derwéduwé (6ème A)

“It has been a nice experience, but with limited time. I have lost my fear to talk and present in front of the class. We had difficult moments and we got even angry, but in the end, we managed.” Joan Vela (6ème B)


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