Professor Dr. Ingo Beyer Von Morgenstern from Harbour Space University

Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Ingo Beyer von Morgenstern, a Director Emeritus of McKinsey & Company and one of the longest-serving foreign professors in China at Tsinghua University. He currently serves as Chairman of both the Harbour Space University in Barcelona and Qilin Capital Fund and at the advisory council of multiple families in Germany and Asia.

In his impressive lecture on motivation he laid down some guidelines for career choice. He explained to us that to be successful we have to do what we like, what we are passionate about because humans are driven by passion. To accomplish that, we have to find who we look up to, our role-models; it can be a person or a company we admire. I felt that the fact of having a company as a role-model surprised a few of us as we have never thought about it. We have to ask ourselves questions like “what do I really enjoy doing?”, “What is the essence of what I like?” Once we have found out what our passion is, we need to immerse ourselves in it, which is the only way we will become an expertise on our field.

Furthermore, we need to bear in mind that we live in a fast changing world, so it is essential to learn how to learn because knowledge as we understand it, it is in constant change. Problem solving skills are needed to be able to adapt to different situations.

The last step to be successful is to build networks, because as he said it, “the more complex the world becomes, the more people are becoming isolated and building networks with family and friends can make the difference”.

In conclusion, to be motivated we need to take into consideration the future and to be prepared to adapt to it. We need to be open-minded to function better in a more and more open world. The best piece of advice he gave us was to follow our instinct and be guided by our passion.

Sandra Gómez 1º Bachibac

1n Batx, Secondaire