Processed food: an issue?

OMS verdict: processed food produces cancer as nicotine. Are you going to quit eating fuet?
By Mar Niella 2º Bachibac

First of all, I will never ever quit eating fuet. It is the best we catalans produce and should always be in our diet. But careful, not galore.

And this is the problem. If you smoked one day per month, would you die before a person who doesn’t? If you breathed a lot of pollution because you live in a big city, but you run every morning from your city to the seaside, would you die before? I don’t know, maybe you get hit by a car on your way to the beach. What I’m trying to say is that now that I have eaten a lot of sausages, butifarras, hamburgers, steaks tartare, etc. in my life, I’m not going to stop eating them. Maybe reduce the amount I eat, but now that I recall I don’t usually eat a lot of it.

Actually nowadays you can have cancer from all types of food or from just walking in the streets: what about iron elements that we throw in the sea and are absorbed by the fish we eat? What about also electromagnetic waves that can mutate cells? We are highly surrounded by cancer agents. And it is our fault, so try live with it and get used to it, and eat processed food the same way you eat fish farm fishes.

I understand that, if they have done a research and the OMS says it, it must be important. But I’m pretty sure that only 10% of the world would be concerned, basically because companies as McDonald’s, Burger King and many others, will be as crowded as ever. Sad, maybe, but it is the true.

I’m not going to stop eating fuet, nor burgers, but now that it has been said that it can produce cancer, I’ll be more careful. I will take it as an advice for a better healthy lifestyle.


2n Batx, Secondaire