Our English project: the road to success.

Learning English at Preschool
English lessons have begun at preschool this September. Petit, Moyenne and
Grand Section are engaged in playing games, singing songs and enjoying the
experience of learning English in a more entertaining way.

Let’s learn History and Geography!
The History and Geography department continues this academic year an
amazing cross-curricular project for 6ème, 5ème, 4ème and 2nde! This is the second year that English will be taught in our school as a non-linguistic subject, so that the main language for «Histoire et Géographie» will be English. This innovative pilot project is going to be consolidated gradually, and that is why the French and Spanish languages play a key role in this process.

Arts in English: musical education
We are delighted to inform you that Arts in English has become part of our
linguistic project this year, as we have extended it to all levels in secondary. Our students from 6ème to 2nde have this great opportunity to learn more about music in this hands –on-experience subject, singing, listening to and performing music, that is learning art through experience.

Our school is opening doors to follow our students’ dreams and determine their future before they go to University or finish their Secondary Education. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Keep on working hard!