Moving on to Starters and Movers

All CM1 and 6ème classes have now started practising in class for the Cambridge Exam. (YLE STARTERS) CEFR Level Pre A1.(YLE MOVERS) CEFR Level A1.

Students are provided with a complete word list, previous exams and more importantly, they are coached through all aspects of the exam in class to familiarise them with and to prepare for the exam.

In addition the school organises pre-testing in class which allows students to gain real exam experience, thus building on their abilities.

This exam will be held in school in June for those who wish to do the exam.

What are the advantages of doing this exam?
1. It allows students to become more confident, step by step, in all the skill areas.
2. Students become more motivated.
3. All elements of the exam are covered in class.
4. Extra support and resources are provided on-line.

English Language Department.