Lorenzo Quinn, support, creates history at the venice biennale

On 13 May, contemporary artist, Lorenzo Quinn, launched his new monumental sculpture at the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Venice. Internationally renowned as one of the most popular sculptors of our times, the installation showcases Quinn’s artistic progression and his experimentation with new mediums and subject matter to transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions.

Reflecting on the two sides of human nature, the creative and the destructive, as well as the capacity for humans to act and make an impact on history and the environment, Quinn addresses the ability for humans to make a change and re-balance the world around them – environmentally, economically, socially. Support sees Quinn reflect on and readdress these global issues by employing the ancient lost-wax process in his Catalan foundry and echoing the meticulous execution and technique of the Masters of the past to create the powerful and unique sculpture which will be displayed during the Venice Biennale 2017…