Kimia Ziandhakapour

Kimia Ziandhakapour is an MIT student who is currently in the third year of her undergraduate degree in biology. As one of the excelling students of MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) and due to her drive to learn further, she was granted the opportunity to participate in the MIT Global Teaching lab. This new initiative coordinated by the prestigious American university and with the help of Fundació la Pedrera, permits MIT students to live the whole teaching experience by giving classes in the STEM field (science, math, technology or engineering) for four weeks in a foreign country.

As for Kimia Ziandhakapour, who is a former New Yorker, the sunny climate of Barcelona as well as the fantastic feedback she received from the previous student who came to Bon Soleil were enough to know that this was the place she wanted to go to.

She will therefore, live with a host family for a month while she teaches different classes every day to students between the ages of 15 and 17, mostly related to biology with the help of the school’s science teachers. Kimia will also take advantage not only of the fantastic facilities of the school but of the incredible cultural opportunity that this program is offering.