FCE and KET exams June 2014

The English department feels really proud of all these pupils who have achieved such excellent results on First Certificate and KET. The experience has proved to be encouraging to get prepared for all those futures exams they may encounter in their curriculum. Other pupils are welcome to try it next year and be trained in an oral and written exam situation.



Primero de bachillerato 17 candidates: 82.35% have achieved FCE level B2 and 17.65% have got B1 level. All of them will receive their certificates in September.


Our 4ème pupils, who have taken it for the first time this year, have got quite good results as well:
A2 level: 78.38% Pass with Distinction: 32.43%
Pass with Merit: 18.92%
Pass: 27.03%
Council of Europe Level A1: 18.92%
Fail: 2.70%

1n Batx, 4ème, Secondaire