Entrevista a Ophelia Korontini

Ophelia Korontini, ex-alumna de Bon Soleil, nos habla de su experiencia en bachillerato y como esta etapa le abrió las puertas al extranjero.

Ophelia Korontini, ancienne élève de Bon Soleil, parle de son expérience au Bachibac, et comment celui-ci lui à ouvert les portes à l’étranger.

Ophelia Korontini, a  former student of Bon Soleil, talks about her experience in Bachibac and how it helped her to study abroad. 

How has studying in Bon Soleil influenced your current project?

I think Bon Soleil has prepared me very well academically. Setting aside the knowledge we get, Bon Soleil has also taught me how to work my way around any problem I might face in university life which I’m very grateful for.

Coming from a multicultural background, has your schooling at LIB reflected this international mindedness?

Bon Soleil has been a perfect prolongation of the multicultural values that we have at home. I have been able to travel quite a bit which has allowed me to discover very different cultures and always have an open mind. It has also allowed me to realise very early on that if I wanted to study abroad, I had the resources to do so.  

Why did you choose to study electronic engineering with music technology?

I wanted something different. A combination of science and music but that could still offer a wide range of career opportunities. I just didn’t want to study straight Physics or Engineering, and this is one of the only courses I found that could offer both. 

What do you think about counseling in Bon Soleil?

Orientation in Bon Soleil is quite good. The teachers were always there in times of doubt which I am extremely grateful for. The school also puts on a lot of events all year round that can really help you find your path although more international events would be helpful, especially for students who want to study abroad but don’t really know how or where to start. 

What  advice would you give to our high school students?

I would say it is never too early to start looking at career paths and that it’s alright if you don’t know what to study or what to do because you can always change later. 

In which ways has the school helped you deal with your current university life?

I believe the school has helped me to engage with new people from very different backgrounds (the trip to Senegal has definitely helped a lot here), appreciate the opportunities we get, speak up for ourselves (thanks to debates we had like “les Lligues de Debat”) and to not be afraid of asking for help.

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