Crossing the bridge from Pre A1 to C1 level. Hard work pays off.

We are more than proud to inform you that the December session results have been outstanding. We would like to congratulate every single student who did their best to thrive in this session. Not only were the A2 to B2 results impressive, but all candidates in C1 level  fulfilled their expectations, as well.

This month our students have been taking the pretesting session held every year in March. Throughout the course our school prepares from pre-A1 level (CM1 class) , to C1 level (Baccalaureate). Doing that,  students are getting used to dealing with identical exam conditions and get familiar with learning how to cope with relevant  skill techniques, such as time management or concentration.

As English shares place with the curriculum with three other languages, the initial pace of progress in cycle 2 and 3 may not be as in other schools, but the system provides them with the necessary tools which help them develop these learning strategies needed to succeed while crossing the bridge towards C1. Our main aim is that all our students reach their excellence in English throughout their academic courses. That’s why we strongly believe that facing challenges like these will provide them with a positive learning experience.