“Cambridge para ti” free digital resources for everybody

As a Cambridge for schools member, we are pleased to introduce the new digital learning site called “Cambridge para ti” where our families can now have direct access to all Cambridge free resources, games and social media platforms by filtering their preferences. All resources are divided by qualification and skill to choose the most appropriate resource according to their level of English, from A1 to C2 level. 

Benefits of using the Cambridge para ti site:

  1. It helps teachers, parents and learners to LEARN ENGLISH through all available resources and prove their skills to the world.
  2. It encourages people to SHARE our resources among our community of centres, schools, parents, teachers and learners.
  3. It promotes CHANGE: we want to be perceived as an innovative organisation because we are changing from a paper-based assessment board to a digital learning organisation with its roots in assessment.


You only need to register and start learning outside the class. We hope you’ll find it useful and expect some feedback from our users, recommending new apps and sharing experiences.