Cambridge exam sessions

Cambridge exam sessions December 2020

Practice makes perfect

Due to the situation lived in our last academic course, our students have finally taken now their Cambridge exams from Young learners Starters, Movers (A1), KET for schools (A2), PET for schools (B1), FCE for schools (B2) and CAE (C1) which had been scheduled last June.

 They have been feeling really excited as they have been looking forward to them for a long time. This month they have been able to achieve their goals: take the exam and learn through experience. 

As every year, our school is going to hold another Cambridge session in June, where those students who couldn’t benefit from the December session will have the opportunity to do so.

Until then, we encourage all our students to use every opportunity to put all they have learnt throughout the years into practice during the course.

The English Department