The road to success

English lessons have begun at preschool this September. Petite, Moyenne and Grande Section are engaged in playing games, singing songs and enjoying the experience of learning English in a more entertaining way.

Let’s learn History and Geography!

The History and Geography department has started this academic year an amazing cross-curricular project for 6ème, 5ème and 4ème! This is the first time that English will be taught in our school as a non-linguistic subject, so that the main language for «Histoire et Géographie» will be English. This innovative pilot project is going to be consolidated gradually, and that is why the French and Spanish languages play a key role in this process.


Cambridge results June 2017

June Cambridge results have been released and the school is really proud of our students’ performance this year.

In this first term we will have the pleasure to host Mr. Kear, the Exams Services Manager from the British Council Barcelona, who is going to hand over the Cambridge certificates of all English levels taken in June: Starters, Movers (A1) KET for schools (A2), PET for schools (B1), FCE for schools (B2) and CAE (C1).

We realize that all our efforts have paid off. Our students have obtained their certificates but they have also got an international validation for their every day work.

We have to thank the families for their support and encouragement and our students because gaining the courage to stand in front of an audience and giving a speech in English, is only one of the things they have learned about themselves that goes beyond our Cambridge exam preparation. They demonstrate that in every lesson we do, every project they carry out.

Results June 2017 KET FOR SCHOOLS


Results June 2017 PET FOR SCHOOLS


Results June 2017 FCE FOR SCHOOLS


Results 07 JUNE 2017 CAE


Our school is opening doors to follow our students’ dreams and determine their future before they go to University or finish their Secondary Education. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Keep on working hard!

Congratulations on your hard work and success!

The English Department