Bon Soleil´s Got Talent

The BISA (Barcelona International Schools Association) Talent Show will take place on the 27th of April this year and Bon Soleil will be participating for the third time in 2017, with more performers than ever before.

The auditions which have been taking place since January have revealed the incredible amount of talent which we have here in Bon Soleil. The English department are organizing the dancers, musicians, singers and rappers (all of whom have sung in English) into various acts which will represent Bon Soleil at the German School of Barcelona.

The participants selected to represent Bon Soleil are Agnès Lara, David Baños and Mateo Dubois performing modern dance, Malik Ramjee and Laura Van der Eijk playing piano, Ana Fernandez playing violin and our rapper Joao Soler along with the Talent show committee from 2nde who will be our ambassadors at the performance.

Due to the large amount of talent who didn´t make the selection for the BISA talent show, we are organizing our own performance on the 21st of May, the day of Kermèsse, in order to showcase the talent and encourage our fantastic dancers and singers for future shows. We are delighted to give our students the opportunity to improve their talent in the performing arts which will augment their artistic skills.


Talent show