Bon Soleil trip to London 2019: learning through experience

On the 29th January our students from 2nde are setting off to London. Once there, we will have the opportunity of visiting outstanding landmarks such as The Tower of London, experiencing a London theatre play and having a boat cruise on the Thames to Greenwich among other activities.

This cultural project will help our students become aware of how necessary it is to master the English language to be able to get by in an English speaking country.

The direct contact with the native speakers and the necessity to communicate will give them a great opportunity to practice their spoken English, as it will foster the use of vocabulary and grammar learnt throughout their education in Bon Soleil. Indeed, it is the best method of encouraging our students to speak English in a real environment and gain confidence.

We strongly believe that this trip will provide the students with very positive academic and cultural outcomes, as it is the intention of Bon Soleil´s secondary project of “Learning through experience”.

2nde, Secondaire