Bon Soleil 2020: Learning through experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study abroad? Well, students from “2nde” will have the opportunity to say  “the world is my oyster”. This academic year some will set sail to Toronto on an exchange, some will discover the city of London and others will experience the wonders of living, breathing and studying in a Lycée français worldwide.

The main advantage of such a project is that it fosters relationships across cultures and offers the opportunity to show that there are important links to be forged all over the world. Such connections open the door to greater diversity by crossing the boundaries of the average classroom. 

Furthermore, these cultural projects will help our students become aware of how necessary it is to master languages, especially English, in an international setting.

We strongly believe that these trips will provide our students with a positive learning experience, with both academic and cultural results, as that is the intention of Bon Soleil ́s secondary project of “learning through experience”. 

The English department

2nde, Secondaire