The BISA (Barcelona International Schools Association) Talent Show took place on April 26th at the German School. The main goal of this annual event is to give students from different international schools the opportunity to come together and share their artistic passions while raising money for the Hospital Sant Joan de Dèu. All the proceeds from the tickets sale go to this hospital.
LFG Bon Soleil has participated for the fourth time this year with several performances related to music and dance.

Last night our students shone , demonstrating their outstanding skills and talent. Our 5ème artists Carla Marco, Anna Riera and Eva Baños, were hypnotizing leaving the audience speechless with their rhythmic gymnastics. While our 4ème group formed by Agnès Lara, Ana Prats, Laia Berthomieu, María Benítez, Julia Maynou, Ariadna Berdié and Lou Rigazio performed an equally impressive choreography “River”, based on modern dancing.
We have to thank our students’ efforts, their families and our experienced ambassadors Maelie Jaffrin, Candice Boulot, Gerard Pita along with our great choreographers Ana Marcelo and Elsa García from 1st Bachibac to make this engaging project a success.

So, if you think you are talented join us next year!



1n Batx, 4ème, Secondaire