An English sporting encounter

Every spring, Bon Soleil welcomes English students to take part in an intercultural exchange. This year we were pleased to host students from a school in Northampton, England to compete in a football and basketball tournament.

Students from 4ème and 3ème played against students of the same age and were able to demonstrate their skills in both sports. The experience was all the more exciting as there were over 100 students competing at one time, beautifully orchestrated by Ricard Aguiran and coached by the P.E teachers from the guest school.

The adventure for the girls was even more enriching as they had the opportunity to learn how to play netball and even our sports teachers were curious and came to watch how it was done!

All in all a fabulous experience on both sides under the warm spring sunshine at Bon Soleil.

3ème, 4ème, Secondaire