Among Us: English Class Infiltration

Most 5ème English classes have between 1 and 3 impostors previously chosen and notified by the teacher before each class. The mission? Guess who they are at the end of the class! We have enjoyed incorporating our own version of this popular video game to our daily English lessons to create alertness and concentration amongst our students.

At the beginning of the class the teacher lets the student or students know they will be the impostor/s for the next class without the others finding out. You may be thinking the impostor/s has/have to destroy someone or something but their mission is to destroy the lack of participation and try to participate more in class in any way possible. The others also have to make each other believe that they are the impostor in order to confuse the class.

How do we discover who the impostor is? At the end of the class everyone has the opportunity to nominate possible suspects and their names are written on the board. The class then votes to see who the majority think the impostor/s is/are. The teacher then asks the impostors to stand up and the class discovers how right or how wrong they were.

This game has allowed students to connect their world of interests to the classroom and make an effort to participate and become more aware and involved in communicating in English and with each other. We have seen students enjoy class and grow in self confidence as they realize that the more they participate the more they internalize and connect English to their daily lives.

Sheila Sanjaime Weir

5ème, Secondaire