6 th Barcelona International Community Day

6 th Barcelona International Community Day
On 26 th October our students from “Bachibac” and “2nde” again had the honour to be ambassadors for the 6 th Barcelona International Community Day which was held at the Maritime museum in Barcelona.
It is an annual event designed for the international community and aims to provide a gateway for expats, welcoming new arrivals, providing vital information, resources and many opportunities to network and make useful contacts to settle and enjoy the city.
Our school always takes part in this event as one of the BISA schools, an association that encompasses most of the international schools in Barcelona, creating a climate of international cooperation as we share resources, ideas and the desire to improve the quality of the education we offer.
This is a great chance to be part of something different and gain experience from interacting with the public.
As such, our students: Pilar Suarez, Anastasia Salas and Elisabet Alzuria from “1·IB”, Inés Suarez from “2nde” and Amaia Martinez and Paula Niella from “2º Bachibac” had the opportunity to help the event managers with tasks such as handing out material at the entrance and other activities which included face- painting, lego-play, and leading a workshop. They also helped on the School Stand explaining to visitors our school projects using and juggling between languages.
In addition, there was a roundtable talk, formed by students from the different international schools, dealing with questions around the topic “I like my school”. Our school representative Corentin Zilber from 2nde successfully answered questions such as “what do you most value about studying in an international school” while Amaia Martinez successfully conducted the discussion and acted as a moderator.
And last but not least, our students Oceane Kestelot, Violeta Galarza and Mar Farras from “2nde” had the pleasure to participate in the BISA music band performance singing “ Imagine” by John Lennon and “ This is me” by Keala Settle and really enjoyed the experience.
We encourage everybody to get involved every year as this is the best way to get to know Barcelona and the best way to feel a part of a community like ours.

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