4ème English TOP 10 Project

The students in 4ème have been working on a TOP 10 project in the last few weeks. In this context, TOP means favourite or best and the students had to choose something they were interested in and produce an original TOP 10 based on their choice. Some examples of TOP 10s created by the students included: TOP 10 pianists, gymnasts, theme parks and water parks, movies, tallest skyscrapers, influencers, actors and many more! 

The confinement hasn’t stopped the students improving their oral English and by using Google tools such Classroom and Meet, they have been able to work in much the same way as they would in school. The students presented their TOP 10 in front of the rest of the class using Google Meet. As well as explaining their TOP 10, they had to say why they had chosen their specific topic and prepare questions to ask their classmates at the end. In turn, their classmates could ask them questions too. 

The students were highly motivated as the project allowed them to do something they were really interested in and share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the class. We all enjoyed watching the presentations. An excellent effort, 4ème. Well done!

4ème, Secondaire