4ème Discover New Technologies

4ème Discover New Technologies: Environmental Focus

This winter term 4ème have been focusing on the language surrounding new cutting-edge technologies and their environmental impact. Each student researched and prepared a project based around a new piece of technology, and presented it to their classmates. 

We have discovered new products which plan to reduce the production of plastic, for example the Ooho water delivery system. We have also learned about products and systems that plan to reverse the effects of climate change, such as the Interceptor plastic collection system, currently in effect cleaning rivers around the world. Some students even made prototypes to illustrate the new inventions. 

It was an informative and educational project that sparked a lot of interest in all students. The project also inspired us to realise the importance of preserving the environment and become an “Eco-Ecole.” Well done, 4ème!

4ème, Secondaire